Maury loves to play the crane game. Regardless of the fact that his odds of winning, based on both scientific studies of the games and his own actual life-to-date history, are slim to none, he always pleads with me to play. Tonight, at Walmart, this was the face I got from him as he begged. This, of course, followed a bunch of other harrying from the girl child for everything she saw in the store that she wanted for Christmas.




Three events in six days in the same auditorium.


The cards are finally in the mail. So much else to do, but at least I'm keeping up this outward appearance of being ready for the holiday.


Meant to Be

Those who know
Will whisper when they see us walking
"There's a love that's always meant to be"
Meant to Be-Squirrel Nut Zippers
(The first song we danced to at our wedding reception, fifteen years ago)




Definition of HOLIDAY GAUNTLET - a series of events strategically placed on the calendar in December such that no free time is left for optional things like sleep, laundry or dishes, much less putting up the tree and finishing starting your Christmas shopping.


the negative street cred mix

Throwing all caution to the wind ("caution" defined as my desire for people to think my taste in music is ultra hip), I bring you the negative street cred 8tracks playlist. It begins with the tune that I saw a lot of other adults enjoy as Lizzie's dance studio danced their way through the Christmas parade to it this year (that's Lizzie and I after the parade in the picture). It continues on with a set of goofy songs that don't make me cool, but they do make me happy.

On the last song, the below is where I first heard it and every time I hear it now, I think of this and laugh. Out loud. Even if I'm alone.



During the last few years, I noticed what looked like mistletoe in the tree in our front yard. Today I saw a patch of it again and thought it would be the perfect "green" picture for this challenge. When I got closer to it, though, it really looked like it was growing right out of the tree. I don't know what I thought mistletoe was, but I thought it would be connected in a way that would look more foreign to the tree than this did. So, I Googled it to be sure it was, in fact, mistletoe. It is. I found out mistletoe is a parasitic plant that grows attached to and within the branches of trees and shrubs. Learning things all the time.



By the way, I now understand "harry" being on the list. It means "to persistently harass". Not only should I have known that, but I was schooled on this by a sweet twenty-six year old on Instagram. At least I couldn't see her eyes rolling when she filled me in. Embarrassing.




This is day one of a new photo challenge I found on Instagram, 31 holiday adjectives. The shots can be done in any order and any number of pictures can be posted a day. I like the freedom of that given the busyness of the month.

I'm not entirely sure what the creator of this meant by "Harry", by the way. Is this a misspelling? Why would "hairy" be a holiday adjective, though?