The entire 31 song playlist for the photo challenge just completed. Two of the songs are not the versions I intended. Mutemath's Twilight soundtrack version of Spotlight I didn't own in a shareable format, but I had another great version that I put in the mix. And, I already mentioned that I couldn't find the original version of Major Tom in MP3, so I shared a less great remix. I hope you will give the playlist a listen...and try creating one of your own. Please let me know if you do!


Feel I’m on the verge of some great truth
Where I’m finally in my place
But I’m fumbling still for proof
And it’s cluttering my space
Casting shadows on my face

Though I have the strength to move a hill
I can hardly leave my room
So I sit perfectly still
And I’ll listen for a tune
While my mind is on the moon

And If I stumble, and if I stall
And if I slip now, and if I should fall
And if I can’t be, all that I could be
Will you? Will you wait for me?

Cause everywhere I seem to be
I am only passing through
I dream these days about the sea
I always wake up feeling blue
Wishing I could dream of you

So if I stumble, and If I fall
And if I slip now, and loose it all
And if I can’t be, all that I could be
Will you? Will you wait for me?

And wait for me
And wait for me
And wait for me
Won’t you wait for me?
Wait-Alexi Murdoch

I've shared this song before and today I share it as the closing song for musicmarch: my theme song. Over the last couple of years, this song has become my personal prayer. On one hand, I feel I'm at the precipice of great change in the name of following God's call on my life. But, at the same time, I feel like I'm unable to take the right steps quickly or assuredly enough. And, sometimes I'm not even sure I'm hearing correctly. So, I just pray that God will be patient with me as I stumble and trip around and that, most importantly, someday what I do will have been worth the wait.


Major Tom (Coming Home)

Standing there alone,
the ship is waiting.
All systems are go.
Major Tom (Coming Home)-Peter Schilling

One of my favorite one hit wonders is this tune...and since we recently visited the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, I even had a picture that worked with it. Can you believe there isn't a MP3 version of his original mix of the song? Only some danced up version. That's just shameful.


Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)

Goodnight, my angel
Now it's time to dream
And dream how wonderful your life will be
Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)

I just wonder how many people participating in the musicmarch challenge on IG will end up using this song for today? The theme is "Lullabye/Kids Song", after all. Kind of a slam dunk for me as to what song to use.


Going Mobile

Out in the woods
Or in the city
It's all the same to me
When I'm driving free
The world's my home
When I'm mobile
Going Mobile-The Who

Today's theme is "road trip song" so I give you a classic by The Who. The whole album (Who's Next) is fantastic, just in case you were wondering. I'm sure you already knew that, though.


All in Your Hands

I'm on a train to you and it's just not fast enough
Every second takes an hour, I can't sit still
All In Your Hands-Lamb

Today's theme is "surprise us", so I'm sharing my favorite song from Lamb. I found Lamb on Pandora, where I have found a lot of good bands and songs. I first heard Lamb's song Angelica while listening to a station based on Massive Attack's Teardrop (which is, by the way, the theme song to House). Angelica uses a sample of Clair de Lune, so you know when I heard it I sat up and took notice. I set up a Lamb station on Pandora and quickly heard and loved All in Your Hands. The song mentions a train and darned if it doesn't sound like one chugging down the tracks to a long lost love. Since hearing it, it has become one of a number of songs on the soundtrack for the book I'm writing. (Yes, I am keeping a list of songs to go along with my book. I'm a geek like that. Or maybe I'm just thinking big.)


Without a Word

Hey you can tell the world
That you're leaving
And you can pack your bags
And spread your wings
Without A Word-Birdy

Today's theme is "today's free single". This song is pretty good and it's still free until sometime in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, when a new offering will be up at iTunes.

I told you I would share a few other of my favorite finds through these iTunes free singles when I posted one of them earlier in this challenge, so here they are:

1) Pretty Little Thing-Fink This one was picked up way back in 2006 when my iPod was new and not as full. I would hear it in the shuffle a lot and I always liked its mellow syncopation.
2) Callin' Me-Consequence Consequence was a Kanye West backed rapper and I never heard anything from him other than this, but it's pretty infectious.
3) Walking On Air-Kerli This somewhat creepy little ditty made its way into one of the dance recitals Lizzie was in a year or so after this single was free in 2008. Pretty vocals.
4) Wound Up-Office I'm not really sure how to describe this music, but it has somewhat of a retro feel to it, nice harmonies and some nice electric keyboards groovin'.


Sweet Disposition

Songs of desperation
I played them for you
Sweet Disposition-The Temper Trap

Today's theme is "movie song" so I wanted to be sure I picked not just a good song, but a good movie. I decided on a song from (500) Days of Summer, which I linked a trailer of here. The movie is a great movie with wonderful characters, awesome music and great visuals. When a movie ties things up nicely with great visuals, I sit up and take notice. Here are some other movies that I really loved the visuals in (links are to the trailers):

1) It's Kind of a Funny Story-The XX's Intro plays during my favorite scene where Craig is painting an imaginary city.
2) Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium-This is not a fantastic movie, but it's fantastical. I love how Natalie Portman's fingers play an imaginary piano as she hears music in her head. And, hey...I love Jason Bateman.
3) Stranger than Fiction-Dustin Hoffman again? Will Ferrell in a serious movie? Playing an IRS agent? Hmm. I bet you haven't seen it. Prove me wrong.
4) Inception-Brilliant...and has one of the best endings of any movie ever.



Rest your head
I'm permanent
Permanent-David Cook

Today's theme is "sad song" and this one by American Idol season 7 winner David Cook fits the bill. The song was written for his brother, Adam, who fought brain cancer for over 10 years. I heard this song when he returned to American Idol in 2009 and performed it just a few weeks after his brother's death. I recalled this story about David and it made me cry, cry, cry as he sang. Please watch the video on this page and see this courageous young man continuing the fight against cancer in the very depth of his grief with a sense of humor and conviction.


The Sound of Silence

In restless dreams I walk alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone
'Neath the halo of a street lamp
I turned my collar to the cold and damp
The Sounds Of Silence-Simon & Garfunkel

I figured since today was "anything goes" I would just continue the thread of great songs my parents' collection of albums gave me. This album has nothing but greatness on it. Good, pure harmonies and wonderful lyrics.


California Dreamin'

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray
I've been for a walk on a winter's day
California Dreamin'-The Mamas and the Papas

Since this album of my parents' was a mainstay on my record player growing up, I thought this should be the choice for "your parents' tunes" today. I knew every word of every song on the record and thought my parents were pretty awesome for having had this album in their collection.


Road Trippin'

Road trippin' with my two favorite allies
Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies
It's time to leave this town
It's time to steal away
Let's go get lost
Anywhere in the U.S.A.
Road Trippin'-Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Chili Peppers are usually more manic in their music, but this tune fits the "something mellow" theme perfectly. I wish I had something as scenic as their song implies for the shot (the song talks about a drive along Highway 1 in California), but the back roads here on a gorgeous spring day will do just fine.


Love Interruption

I want love to: Grab my fingers gently,
Slam them in a doorway, Put my face into the ground
Love Interruption-Jack White

Today's song is my last song purchased. I'm just starting to get the greatness of Jack White. (And how about that for NOT sappy?)



It's only love, it's only pain
It's only fear that runs through my veins
It's all the things you can't explain
That make us human
Human-Civil Twilight

Today's theme is "deep track" so I looked at one of my favorite albums to make sure I picked something that was never released as a single. I found Civil Twilight through the song Letters From The Sky, recommended to me by my sister. I've found their songs to have Christian undertones which I like. Another section in Human says:
I am just an image of something so much greater
I am just a picture frame, I am not the painter

I love this way of expressing that we are created in our Father's image.



The spotlight is on
Oh the spotlight is on
Spotlight (Twilight Mix)-Mutemath

My most played song is, not surprisingly, off of the Twilight soundtrack. I've found so many great artists from these soundtracks, though, I'm just not going to apologize for it. Mutemath, Florence + the Machine, Metric, The Black Keys, Sleeping at Last, Band of Horses, Thom Yorke (Radiohead), The Dead Weather (Jack White), The Bravery, Sia and the Editors are just some of the artists that have had music on these soundtracks. The movies may be discounted by many, but the music is solid.



You send me X & O's
X & O's
Hugs and kisses, Hugs and kisses, Hugs and kisses
XOXOXO-The Black Eyed Peas

I would like to have had a group here that wasn't already represented in the challenge this month, and maybe one that produces deeper, more meaningful music. But, being honest, this is my favorite group. They are one of the few artists whose albums I buy in the entirety anymore and I buy them without sampling a single track. Their simple, repetitive, bass-pounding songs make me happy even after the longest of days and, really, that is one of the best gifts music can offer.


Gift of a Friend

The world comes to life and everything's bright
From beginning to end
When you have a friend by your side
That helps you to find the beauty you are
When you open your heart and believe in
The gift of a friend
Gift Of A Friend-Demi Lovato

Today's song is a dedication to my friends. You'll have to work with me...I decided to go with an abstract visualization of my friends rather than put a piece up that represented a specific set of individuals. Part of this is because I liked the concept of a combined image of several friends to represent the fullness of what my friends add to my life, each one sharing a different set of experiences with me.

Part of this is just because I'm just too chicken to put a picture up and risk hurting someone's feelings by them not being included in a collage of clearly discernible faces (as if being so included would be some achievement to be bragged about, but you know what I mean).

The amount of time and energy I've spent agonizing over what was meant to be a deeply felt thank you to my friends makes me wonder if we all wouldn't have been better off with me just posting another sappy something to my husband.

But, truly...I love you, my friends.


Drifting In and Out

Take me away, directionless
It doesn't have to make any sense
Drifting In And Out-Porcelain Raft

Today's theme: shuffle-first song. We won't get into how many times I tried this over the last couple of days before getting a non-instrumental song that I could visualize somehow.

Anyway, this song was an iTunes indie download of the week a few weeks ago. I generally grab those and the iTunes single of the week. Some of my favorite songs are ones I got this way. Here are a few:

1) Change-Joy Denalane Listen to this soul sister sing!
2) Plan B-Mutemath Seriously. Mutemath. Awesome.
3) Le Disko-Shiny Toy Guns Embarrassingly, I PAID for this song later even though I already had it. Whoops.
4) In The Morning-Junior Boys I don't even know how to describe this music, but I love it.
5) Heavy Cross-Gossip Beth Ditto belts it out. (Also love Listen Up! by them which I am pretty sure I got free, too, but I can't be completely sure.)

Later in this challenge, I'll actually have to post for that week's free single. I'll share some more of my past finds then.



The Crow & The Butterfly

Just like a crow chasing the butterfly
Dandelions lost in the summer sky
The Crow & The Butterfly-Shinedown

For the theme of "makes you sing loud", it was an easy choice. This is one of my favorite groups and I love to belt this particular tune out when I'm driving. And, I don't really care if I'm alone in the car or not. I'll belt it out regardless. Love it that much. I love the way the words undulate in the chorus. (Bet that makes you listen to the song because whoever heard of words undulating?) Plus, I can understand every word he sings in every song, which makes it easier to sing every one loud. Poor Steve has witnessed that on quite a few road trips.


I Saw the Light

I’ve walked in darkness, clouds covered me
I had no idea where the way out could be
Then came the sunrise and rolled back the night
Praise the Lord, I saw the light
I Saw The Light-David Crowder*Band (Live From Kansas With Robbie Seay and Shane And Shane)

Today's theme is motivational, but I choose to see that as inspirational. This song will get you slapping your knees and praising the Lord!


Dear True Love

So with this ring
May you always know one thing:
What little that I have to give,
I will give it all to you.
You're my one true love.
Dear True Love-Sleeping at Last

I discovered this band very recently and they are amazing. During 2010/2011, they released an EP each month in a series called Yearbook and I, very geekily, have been purchasing each month at the beginning of each appropriate month as this year has progressed. I just live with the three new songs each month and enjoy them so so much. I could buy everything at once, but I like letting the songs sink in slowly like this. (Today's theme is love song, by the way.)


Hey Ya!

Shake it, shake it, shake, shake it, shake it, shake it
Shake it, shake it like a Polaroid Picture
Hey Ya!-Outkast

Today's theme: makes you dance. This song always gets me moving and when I asked Lizzie to dance to it for me, it quickly got her moving, too.


Past My Shades

If you asked me what's on my mind you probably won't believe it
Cause if life was one big pool I'd be in the deep end
So I play my role and never ever speak it
Like a secret
And all the while you just try to figure me out
But you can't see past my shades
Past my shades
Past my shades
Past My Shades-B.o.B (feat. Lupe Fiasco)

R&B/Rap music. This whole album by B.o.B. is great and I listened to it almost non-stop during my workouts the summer of 2010.


Wichita Lineman

And I need you more than want you
And I want you for all time
And the Wichita lineman is still on the line
Wichita Lineman-Dwight Yoakam

Country music. My family was really into country for awhile and I saw a lot of concerts with them growing up (Kenny, Dolly, Merle, Oak Ridge Boys, Statler Brothers). Pretty cool, really.

Then, I went through a country phase when I was first out on my own in the world, including going line dancing a time or two with some friends. Steve and I also listened to Dwight Yoakam, which the younger me never would have done. Such twang! And such tight pants. Fast As You indeed! Mr. Yoakam was quite the ladies' man. And, to later find out that he had almost no hair under that hat (did you see Sling Blade?) was such a shock!


Somewhere Only We Know

And if you have a minute, why don't we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
Somewhere Only We Know-Keane

My iPod doesn't call this one pop music, but rather says it is rock. My ear says it is pop.


Pink Houses

Oh, but ain't America for you and me
Ain't that America somethin' to see
Ain't that America home of the free
Little pink houses for you and me
Pink Houses-John Cougar Mellencamp

Rock music. Very American, as are our little cookie cutter houses in the suburbs.


Daydream Believer

Cheer up, Sleepy Jean, oh what can it mean
To a daydream believer and a homecoming queen?
Daydream Believer-The Monkees

Today: the 1960s. I grew up watching reruns of The Monkees' silly TV show and loving Davy Jones like Marcia Brady did. RIP, Davy.


Love Will Keep Us Together

I will, I will, I will, I will
Be there to share forever
Love will keep us together
Love Will Keep Us Together-Captain and Tennille

Today: the 1970s. My first album was a Captain and Tennille album which is kind of cool since Toni Tennille is an Montgomery, Alabama native. I loved that album (Song of Joy which included everyone's favorite Muskrat Love).

By the way, if you can't nauseate your blog readers with sentimental sap based on music, what can you nauseate them with? I promise to try to keep the sappiness to a minimum going forward, but I can't swear it will be absent. Music is emotional, people.


True Colors

But I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow
True Colors-Cyndi Lauper

The 1980s. Cyndi. Madonna. Whitney. Michael. Bruce. Prince. NKOTB. Hair bands. Heavy metal. Some say the 80s gave us nothing worthwhile. But, I kind of thought they were awesome.


Meant to Be v2

Those who know
Will whisper when they see us walking
"There's a love that's always meant to be"
Meant To Be-Squirrel Nut Zippers

I know. I've shared this song and almost this same picture before. But, today's theme is 1990s and the 1990s were all about me meeting, falling in love, marrying and starting a family with this man. So, you get it again.


Jump Into the Fog

What a great acheivement it was
To get a hotel room this late
I bet they charge by the hour here
The kind of place where you should bring your own UV ray
Jump Into The Fog-The Wombats

I'm doing a March photo challenge on Instagram and I thought I would share it here as well. Today's song is a current hit (and rather tawdry, no?). Let me know if you decide to play along...even if just occasionally. Also let me know what you think of the songs. I love to talk music! Oh, and I am not saying that the above motel is as the lyrics depict. I am merely saying that this small motel looks like the lyrics to me. (My husband pointed out that I was perhaps being rude with this picture.)