All in Your Hands

I'm on a train to you and it's just not fast enough
Every second takes an hour, I can't sit still
All In Your Hands-Lamb

Today's theme is "surprise us", so I'm sharing my favorite song from Lamb. I found Lamb on Pandora, where I have found a lot of good bands and songs. I first heard Lamb's song Angelica while listening to a station based on Massive Attack's Teardrop (which is, by the way, the theme song to House). Angelica uses a sample of Clair de Lune, so you know when I heard it I sat up and took notice. I set up a Lamb station on Pandora and quickly heard and loved All in Your Hands. The song mentions a train and darned if it doesn't sound like one chugging down the tracks to a long lost love. Since hearing it, it has become one of a number of songs on the soundtrack for the book I'm writing. (Yes, I am keeping a list of songs to go along with my book. I'm a geek like that. Or maybe I'm just thinking big.)

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