Without a Word

Hey you can tell the world
That you're leaving
And you can pack your bags
And spread your wings
Without A Word-Birdy

Today's theme is "today's free single". This song is pretty good and it's still free until sometime in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, when a new offering will be up at iTunes.

I told you I would share a few other of my favorite finds through these iTunes free singles when I posted one of them earlier in this challenge, so here they are:

1) Pretty Little Thing-Fink This one was picked up way back in 2006 when my iPod was new and not as full. I would hear it in the shuffle a lot and I always liked its mellow syncopation.
2) Callin' Me-Consequence Consequence was a Kanye West backed rapper and I never heard anything from him other than this, but it's pretty infectious.
3) Walking On Air-Kerli This somewhat creepy little ditty made its way into one of the dance recitals Lizzie was in a year or so after this single was free in 2008. Pretty vocals.
4) Wound Up-Office I'm not really sure how to describe this music, but it has somewhat of a retro feel to it, nice harmonies and some nice electric keyboards groovin'.

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