Happy New Year! As 2012 begins, I'm starting a new 365 project: a visual gratitude journal. Each day, I will post a picture of something I am grateful for. This is a great practice that I've been meaning to start myself since reading about it in my chookooloonks' Path Finder course. (You can read about Karen's gratitude practice on her blog here.)

Some things I'll post, like today's, are going to be big things having to do with those obvious, but probably underappreciated, blessings in life. Some things will undoubtably be small, especially since this is a 365* day project. I foresee that some days might be really small, because, let's be honest, some days are hard to come out of feeling grateful for anything. (In other words, don't be surprised when you see a picture of an Double Stuf Oreo.)

Since I'm participating in this project primarily through Instagram, which facilitates a daily photo project so well, I'm going to keep the project online in a separate blog I can update from my phone. I've linked it at the bottom of this blog and the link is here as well.

If any of you decide to do something similar, please let me know where I can see it if it is online. If it's just in a journal by your bedside, I would love to know that, too, as well as what you think about the practice.

*actually, 366 since it's a leap year

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