a long time ago

I realize I may be interpreting today's theme differently than was intended, but when I saw it, I just thought to the older movies in my list of favorites and came up with this one which was released in 1967. (It's older than me, for goodness sake!)

I grew up watching ALOT of Robert Redford movies. Thank you, Mom. And Dad, I guess. (But I think mainly Mom.) This won't be the last one of his movies on my list this month.  But, it's not Redford that I love so much about this movie...although he's pretty darned adorable here.

First of all, this is a Neil Simon play brought to the screen. (I also watched a lot of Neil Simon growing up. Thanks again, Mom and Dad.) Neil Simon is brilliant.

Second, Corrie Bratter, played by Jane Fonda, is one of my all time favorite movie characters. Such zest for life. Wow. 

Shama shama elma commama!

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