Those who live in your house are truly happy; they praise you constantly.-Psalm 84:4

Yesterday, I was honored to deliver the sermon at a good friend's church in North Alabama. And, because it was close to where my family lives, my parents, sister, nephew and niece were there. I sat behind my daughter and my nephew and they sat like you see above most of the service. It made me very happy and, so, it is today's entry for the Lent photo-a-day challenge. Here is my sermon, on the Parable of the Prodigal Son, if you are so inclined to listen.

Oh, and while I'm taking the time to do more than post a picture, I will share that last week as I was living with the scripture in preparation for Sunday, a song by MuteMath that shuffled into my walk one morning hit me squarely between the eyes. This is the kind of synchronicity I actually have come to expect, as I often hear what I need to move me forward in a song. If you listen to my sermon, you will get a better idea for why these particular lyrics drew my attention:

Sometimes I get tired of pins and needles,
Facades are a fire on the skin.
And I'm growing fond of broken people,
As I see that I am one of them.

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