A is for Auburn

My husband and I met at Auburn University. I was in grad school and was hanging out at the yearbook office between classes (because that is what I had done all through undergrad, after all). That is where I met the man of my dreams in the summer of 1990.

Fast forward more than 20 years, a mortgage and two children to today and you'll find us not only happily married but also continually grateful that we share a love for each other and a love for the college where we met.

We live in the state of Alabama, where college football is a religion. In fact, it's a religion much more likely to get you shot than any of your beliefs about whether you should be dunked or sprinkled when you are baptized. And, if you think that isn't an argument that can get heated...well, I bet you don't live in the Bible Belt.

Stephen and I look around each fall and see mixed marriages (the marriage of an Auburn alum to an Alabama alum) and wonder why anyone would get themselves into that predicament. During these past two football seasons, the first ending in another Alabama National Championship and the last ending in an Auburn National Championship, we are especially bamboozled by how it would work if you were married to someone who not only didn’t go to your beloved alma mater but...good grief...attended that other school.

So, each day as I thank the good Lord for my wonderful husband, I also sigh a breath of relief that we are in agreement when we choose to scream "War Eagle!" instead of the other state cheer.

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