day 2: currently reading

Catch-22 is the book I'm currently reading and it's straight off of my Book List. I'm enjoying its wit but I am struggling a bit with each chapter introducing new characters (most of whom are military men so it's hard to conjure up distinct mental pictures of each to keep them straight). After reading this book, I'm sure I will be glad to have done so, though.

I'd like to see the movie when I'm finished. I discovered that this movie and M*A*S*H were both released in the same year and I can see some similarities in them (beyond just being set in a war). It makes me think that movie companies have been putting out competing films with similar themes for a long time now. You know, like having two Snow White movies this summer. A slew of penguin movies a few years ago. And, don't even get me started on all of the superhero movies.

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