day 27: character who is most like you

What do an ex-con, a former drug addict, a real estate broker, a college student, and a married mother of two have in common?
That's what the teaser for The Yada Yada Prayer Group says. In the story, Jodi, the married mother of two (and the character who is most like me), becomes part of a multiculture, very diverse prayer group after participating in a women's conference. Until very near the end of this book, she really thinks she has her life together and her involvement in the group just makes her think that even more so. After all, she has always been a Christian. She doesn't have some big story to tell about conversion. She doesn't have any big sins in her past...and most certainly doesn't have any in her present.

Oh, yeah, Jodi?


Oh, Lord, the blinders we put on! How easily we pass judgement on others! How easily we fail to see that we are all in need of Your grace!

Forgive us, Lord. We all need it.

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