Return to Him
He is waiting
Wait for Him
In quiet
Trusting in His grace and mercy

I find it beautiful and full of synchronicity that I turned to a page in my journal this morning with those words written on them. Even more synchronicity when I found these words leading up to them:
He waits for us to return to Him for His mercy and grace. He waits for us. We should wait for Him. In this is our blessing. To quietly, restfully wait and trust in Him. Not to run away, knowing He waits for us. Not to take advantage of His stores of love for us. We should not treat our God like a lover this way. We should rest in His love like we would a human's love. We should trust Him-trust He is enough to not wander and look elsewhere for whatever it is we think we will find that is better.
Return to Him this Lent....this Valentine's Day. Wait for Him in quiet. Trust in His grace and mercy.

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