Day Nineteen: Pressure

Hipstamatic: Lucifer VI, Ina's 1969
Collage made with Diptic

"Pressure"? Easy. My job. Add to the normal stresses of it the confluence of a day off on Monday (PTO on my calendar means "paid time off") and a big project I had to put together over the last couple of days (messy office is mine) while my boss was out at a seminar (dark door is his). I was really feeling it. But, now it's the weekend and the pressure is off until Monday (or possibly today) when he calls because he can't follow what I left for him. Or, if I'm lucky, until Tuesday when I do get back to work and he is trying to do seventeen other things before HIS vacation on Thursday and Friday. Ironic.

Time to share a song which was the other thing I thought of when I saw the topic. This song talks about pressure that lots of us are familiar with.

Why can't you
Be more like your older brother?
Why can't you
Do a little more for Jesus?

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