Day Twenty-Two: Equal

Hipstamatic: John S, Kodot XGrizzled

The fact that the Kindle can hold 3,500 books is amazing to me. I got mine last Christmas because we were getting absolutely bogged down in books. I really love books, but I needed to take a step towards something more environmentally friendly (and less clutter producing). I didn't even miss the sensation of holding a real book after a few chapters on the Kindle, either.

I do still love to visit a bookstore, though, and it's hard to leave there without at least a few books in hand. Other than that, I buy the Kindle version of books whenever they are available unless the price is too much higher than a paperback, which is sometimes the case. (I'm looking at you, original publisher of Carl Hiaasen books. Almost $13 for an e-reader version of his 22 year old book drove me right to a used bookstore to find what I wanted.)

I also find that once I start a series in paper, I want to own them all in the same format. Really obsessively so. I still want to get the last several Harry Potter books in the paperback version. We started reading them late and that was the format we bought the first few in. By the end, we were running out to get the hardbacks when they came out, but I really liked the size, shape and feel of those paperback versions.

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