Day Seventeen: Time

Hipstamatic: John S, Ina's 1969
Collage made with Diptic

Time is what makes my life routine. Get up at 5 a.m. every weekday. Get Maury up at 5:25 every weekday. Commute starting at 6 a.m. Lunch at 11:15. Commute home at 4:45. And, there are certain timed things based on the day of the week. Dance class. Bible study. Manna service. Sunday School. Church. These things are comforting. The interruption of them during a vacation is both refreshing and distressing.
Keeping time is what I love about running. I time every run. Pushing the start button on the stopwatch at the beginning of a run is what keeps me from slowing to a walk during any part of that run. It's like that button starts the competitor in me, the stubborn person in me, the part of me that says I have to finish what I start.
Time flies as you get older. Someone once explained it to me this way: as you get older, each increment of time is smaller and smaller in comparison to your full experience of time, so it does seem to go by faster. For example, when you are a child of 6, six weeks is a decent size piece of the 6 years you have lived. When you are 60, six weeks is just a drop in the bucket of the 60 years you have lived. None of that makes it any easier to see your babies grow up so fast, but at least it makes sense.
And now...it's time to go.

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