C is for Cold Caffeine

I love the giant Diet Coke I get from Burger King in the morning. It's no slouch of a large drink like other places. They can't put so much ice in it that you don't get plenty to drink...the cup's just too big for that to happen. The cup is a smooth plastic, which is more pleasing to hold than the styrofoam cup from Chick-Fil-A. That cup is too full of ice and not enough drink, by the way. The cup is firmer, unlike coated paper cups at places like McDonald's and Arby's. More sturdy...won't give when you squeeze it a little harder than you do when you drink it as they hand it to you at the drive through to make sure you don't drop it. Any bigger and you'd feel like you need two hands to hold it. The material transmits temperature so you sense the icy coldness through touch as well as taste, expanding the enjoyment. The soda/syrup mix there is perfect, but I can't explain that as well nor is it as important as that cup. I think the cup is why I keep going back every morning even though they are extremely hit or miss with the cini minis. Those are often undercooked, sometimes overcooked and occasionally not ready at all. I keep going back no matter. It's like the van is on auto pilot. I just cross the highway without thinking each morning. I like...no, love...the routine of it, too. I could leave earlier in the mornings, but don't because they open at 6.

I wrote that in January near the beginning of my Artist's Way journey. It was the main part of one morning's morning pages. Clearly, I was avoiding writing something else that was on my mind that I wasn't ready to get into. I've thought back to it several times since starting this blog and taking that picture above. Nothing has changed since January about that large Diet Coke. Well, other than the BK is open at 5:30 a.m. now so I don't have to stall leaving the house and I don't drive the van anymore.

I'm currently on another journey like The Artist's Way. It's through my one of my favorite blogs, chookooloonks, and it's called Path Finder. This opportunity came up right after the Artist's Way retreat with that activity that made my head hurt. (Synchronicity, people.) Since I started on Monday. I've had to start doing morning pages again, I've started having more vivid dreams which I actually wake up remembering, and I've started to think again about what it is I want to do with the rest of the days the Lord allows me to have here.

Watch out.

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