Vision Board 2011

I'm being optimistic by titling today's post with a year...as if to say with certainty that I will have a Vision Board 2012 and 2013 and so on. But, after going through the project under the wonderful guidance of Karen Walrond (chookooloonks)in her Path Finder course, I have the tools to do this again and do it right.

Let me share the other similar projects I have done over the past year:

The first is a collage I did while in the midst of The Artist's Way. This exercise resulted in a hodge podge of ideas that were flowing through me at the time: changing my life, accepting who I was, and thinking about writing a book. It was not a bad stab at a vision board, which I didn't even know about at the time.

The next board I did was the result of a night with my Artist's Way friends.It didn't really turn out to have much vision to it and it was supposed to be a vision board. As in, I had sent the group the chookooloonks link about vision boards and said we should do one. I think I got distracted talking and painting and didn't really have much thought out about what I wanted to express. It's vibrant, but it's not full of vision.

The last thing I'll share is the project that Mollie led us through when we went on our Artist's Way retreat last month.I finished and decided that I had written down a bunch of things that didn't feel true to me. We were working with the idea (again from chookooloonks) of having a mission statement.

At that point, I knew I needed to regain some focus and that is when the chookooloonks Path Finder came about. I can tell you I signed up FAST.

So, here I am with two weeks of the five complete and I have light words for my life (laugh-learn-share), a word of the year for this year (grow) and a vision board which truly means something. (Yes, even those pictures of Ellen mean something to me.)

And, later in this process, I'll have a mission statement, too. How. About. That?

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Jennifer said...

Did you do the online course? I love your collages and VISION BOARD 2011... think I need to do one too! I miss The Artist's Way!