Day Twenty-Nine: Purchased

Hipstamatic: Chunky lens, Blanko Noir film

When I was going through The Artist's Way with my (now) great friends in the earlier part of this year, I admitted out loud that I wanted to write a book. My husband had been working on one (or maybe two) for a while and so I had him load the Snowflake software he had been using on my computer and I started laying my thoughts out. I would think about the book as I walked on the trail. I would think about it as I listened to lyrics of songs...old ones and new ones. I thought about it all the time and then I finally started writing it down.

Eventually, I decided that I wanted a netbook so that I could work on the book wherever I was. I could write in bed, not just in the back room where my computer was. I could write on a business trip, without having personal stuff on my work computer. I could take it to work and leave the office during lunch and write.

This was a leap for me because I rarely ever do anything this nice for myself. Oh, I think about doing things like this, but I usually don't in the name of "that is too expensive".

This time, I did. After a few weeks of research and looking for the best price, Steve ordered the above beauty for me: an HP Mini 210-2170NR. I have been neglecting her lately and I'm about to remedy that. She's coming with me to work today and we'll have lunch together.

(By the way, something else I've purchased: every flippin' HipstaPak since I've started this photo challenge. Love 'em!)

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