My Life List

This week's work in Path Finder led me to create my Life List. (Here's where Karen writes about hers.)

There are all sorts of things on the list and they are in no order of importance (as you can tell by the last item on the list). There are things that are so good, I want to do them over and over. There are things I want to do with specific people. There are silly things I want to try. And, there are wild things I would love to do, but may never get to (but wouldn't it be thrilling if I did?!?). The list may grow as I think of things. Some things may get removed if I no longer find them inspiring. I may modify items if something I do is close, but not exactly what I wrote. I may even add things to the list just so I can cross them off and exclaim, "Yes! That was awesome!"

If you do a life list, please share it...one of my life list items is to help five people accomplish something on their life list. I can't cross that off if I don't know what other people want!

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