G is for Gorilla

Today I read that one of the gorillas at our local zoo died yesterday. It saddens me to read of the loss of any of our animals, but the gorilla perhaps most of all. When I go to the zoo, I love to sit and watch them. I could sit there for much longer than the kids ever let me, that is for sure. They just seem so human, so calm, and so deep in thought. It makes me want to take a moment and mirror that back to them.

The above picture was taken on one of my recent trips to the zoo and it is either Koundu or his son, Cenzoo. I wonder how Cenzoo is today. I imagine he feels very, very alone.

Rest in peace, Koundu.

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Anonymous said...

I heard today that the zoo has no plans to get another gorilla. I think it will be so sad for this remaining gorilla to be left alone. Gorillas are social animals like we are....and studies show that they grieve. Denise