Day Eight: Newspaper

Instagram: Lomo-fi

I'm not a newspaper reader. Never have been. I get my news online...and I'm not a big reader of it there, honestly. I'm more of a headline reader than anything. Does that reflect poorly on me as a citizen of the world? Perhaps. Well, probably. Especially considering the amount of celebrity gossip that I do manage to ingest on a weekly basis.


Jennifer said...

love it... sort of looks like my "photo" today!!

I, Mollie said...

how did you choose which headline to post?

Terri said...

Mollie, I definitely didn't pick it based on a flat tax headline, but just snapped a shot when I decided what I wanted a picture of for today. I did like that colorful photo above the "7 billion people" headline so I made sure I took the picture when that particular photo was up in that slideshow.