Day Twelve: Art(?)

Hipstamatic: Helga Viking, Blanko
Collage made with Diptic

These are my Sips n Strokes paintings (clockwise from top left):

Aubie, who was done on a night where you could paint Aubie or Big Al. I was with a friend who painted Big Al. I did nothing more than we were told, which was basically coloring in the line drawing that had already been sketched on the canvas. My friend painted the whole stadium behind hers. I'm not one for stepping out there like that because I never know when to stop and I end up with a big mess.

Funky Circles, which was done one day with Lizzie. You can read about it and see her painting here on my scrapbook page about it. I think if they hadn't told us it was time to leave, Lizzie would still be painting on hers. She loved adding and adding and adding to it.

Funky Squares, which was my first painting at Sips n Strokes. I didn't enjoy this too much because there was too much left for me to decide...colors, fabric pieces, patterns in each square. Blah. Aubie was way more my speed.

Funky Tree, (see a theme with their painting titles, by the way?) which I did one day with Lizzie, a friend of mine and my friend's daughter. Literally. We were the only ones there. That was kind of cool. And, my friend? She didn't even paint a tree. She painted something totally different. TOTALLY different.

The best Sips n Strokes painting in our home is this one painted by my husband, who went with a group of women he was in grad school with one night at least a year before I went the first time and right as Sips n Strokes was getting started:

Hipstamatic: Helga Viking, Blanko

He claims the puff paint that one of the instructors did on the painting is what makes it look so good. I think he is underselling what a really nice job he did...painting flowers in a room full of women.

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