Day Four: Jewelry

Camera+: Timer
Picnik: Orton-ish filter

I wear six rings nearly every day. My wedding and engagement rings I always wear. I asked Steve for this anniversary band style engagement ring rather than a solitaire. I don't know what about it appealed to me more than a solitaire, but it did and it still does. It's just right for me. And, by the time we got engaged, the number of stones (5) represented how long we had been together, so that was kind of neat.

The ring on my right index finger is a poesy ring Steve gave me for Christmas in 2009. It came with an incredibly sweet note, but it's really enough to say that the ring says "My Love Always". I'm a lucky, lucky woman.

On my right ring finger, I wear a trio of rings. One says "What would Jesus do?", the one in the middle is a rosary ring, and the other says "I trust in you Jesus".

I feel prayerful when I put these rings on every day. That's a good way to feel as I get ready to face the day.

Now, for extra sap factor, a song that makes me think of my marriage:
I used to believe in love
But now I believe in us
Cause we've got no need to hide
We're made of flesh and bone
But this house is made of stone

The Ballad of You and I by Melee


Jennifer said...

dude! that is talent! I think you get the gold star of the day for that balance!! Thanks for sharing, I have noticed the rings, but never knew all the meanings. Now help me find a nice guy!!!

I, Mollie said...

how did you take that shot? hold your phone with your chin and set a timer? love the significance of each ring...

I, Mollie said...

dude. i just saw where you said "timer". i could have figured that out. donk.