Day Three: Fly

Hipstamatic: Top-Lucas AB2, Cano Cafenol, Dreampop
Left-Lucas AB2, BlacKeys SuperGrain, Berry Pop; Right-Roboto Glitter, Claunch 72 Monochrome

Meet my daughter, Lizzie. Or, as I will call her today, Elsie So Fly. Per the Urban Dictionary, that means "A unique girl who is funny, smart, wise, random and crazy. She is also known as Elsie Extraordinaire."

That. Is. Lizzie.

Now, I didn't know that particular phrase, but I did know "so fly" and thought of it and my daughter right away when I saw today's theme. I did a little Googling and this definition was just perfection. And, even more perfect..."Elsie" is a version of "Elizabeth".

Here's why I know (and love) the phrase "so fly" (and, oh yes, he uses "Adonai" as one of his rhymes)...

TobyMac-Feelin' So Fly

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