Day Two: Something I Love

Hipstamatic: Jimmy, Kodot XGrizzled, Standard
SwankoLab: Jerry's Developer, Grizzle Fix, Vinny's BL04

I love the Robert Jemison Trail. This spot in particular. Right here, the trail takes a dogleg that not everyone who walks or runs it takes. It goes further away from the road at this point and it runs right next to the stream. This is where I've seen the great blue heron several times. The picture above is really dark and moody because it was taken shortly after sunrise Tuesday. That's my usual walking time so the picture feels right even though I went there just to get some pictures for this post. Here's a picture from March of this year in this same general area, also edited in a moody way, but I like it:

(Truth time: I am writing this post on Tuesday evening and setting it to post on Wednesday at right about the time I should be walking on the trail. I like the feel of that.)

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