Day Thirteen: You Choose

Hipstamatic: Lucifer VI, BlacKeys SuperGrain

Last night, our family dressed up our trunk in a jungle theme and went to the church to participate in Trunk or Treat. Auburn had a home game that we all had tickets for, but this is what the kids wanted to do and so it is what we chose. The kids had a lot of fun running around with their friends and so did we giving out candy to all the cute kids. I mean, Steve was dressed as a banana...who wouldn't have fun hanging out with that? Highlight of the night was the three year old who said to Steve, "Cool costume." I guess he had heard that all night and decided to throw it back to the adult.

Afterwards, when I found the kids asleep together in Maury's room, I felt like it had been a very good call indeed to skip the game. Seems really appropriate to post pictures about this on "you choose" day for the challenge, then.

Hipstamatic: Jimmy, Claunch 72 Monochrome, Standard

You see Sazzy, Mollie? Booger's in the bed, too, but you can't see him.

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I, Mollie said...

awwwww...sazzy and booger look so sweet snoozing. i mean. lizzie and maury.