gratitude this week

I've been keeping a photographic gratitude journal this year. I thought maybe during this month of daily blogging I would share with you my entries and a little background on them on Saturdays.

October 27: We attended the Auburn-Texas A&M game and as soon as I saw it was Military Appreciation Day I was excited for the pre-game show because I just knew it would include a flyover. I videoed it and yelled like a big redneck as they flew over.

October 28: Sundays are usually pretty low-key and my posts on those days are sometimes hard to come by. (Remember, I've been doing this for over 300 days at this point and each day is something new and different.) This Sunday, I was playing around on one of my favorite photo editing apps, so it became the day's entry.

October 29: Revolution is one of the few new shows Steve and I are watching this year. It has a strong, compelling story that twists you through flashbacks as effectively as Lost ever did. And, it has Bella's father in it. Team Charlie all the way.

October 30: Ellen DeGeneres is simply one of my favorite people. This week the show where she was given the Mark Twain Prize aired. They aired a clip of Ellen when she first spoke to Gladys on her talk show. I laughed so hard watching Ellen laugh that it was clear it was Ellen's turn in my journal.

October 31: This may have been the last Halloween both of the kids trick or treat. (I've said that each of the last two years as well, so what do I know?)

November 1: I have a terrible time finding headphones I can run with. I've had several pairs that hook over my ears because I can't keep earbuds in even if I am sitting still. My latest pair of those over ear jobs were falling out, too, and I picked up these great Bluetooth headphones on Amazon. Greatness. They stay in place, the sound is fantastic and no wires for me to inadvertently yank them off my head with.

November 2: Grandma Macie's birthday was yesterday. She's not really our grandmother, but Steve and his sister adopted her as such many, many years ago. Love this woman.

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