not a moment wasted

We were fortunate enough to grab a small vacation for ourselves in Destin, Florida. We left on Tuesday after the kids got out of school for the Thanksgiving holiday and returned home today. Just three nights away before the chaos of the Christmas season starts.

I took with me grand intentions of working on the papers I need to get written before the end of the year. Must make the most of every moment, you know.

But instead...I laughed with my family...I snuggled with my husband...I walked on the beach with my daughter...I watched my son play in the sand...I sat at the pool...I took pictures of the sun setting and the sun rising...I finished a book...I ate good food...I fell asleep at 8:30 watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory.

And, now back home with papers that still need to be written on top of the house to decorate, the cards to address and mail, the presents to be bought and wrapped, and the dance and band performances to be attended, I declare all of that time spent in such lazy familial pursuits perfectly used.

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