gratitude this week

This week's gratitude journal entries had a couple of pharmaceutical entries. Not generally a sign of a great week, but I look back on it and can't complain too much in spite of those.

November 3: I got our Christmas cards designed and ordered last Saturday. I love the process of taking the kids' picture, editing the one I like the most and using a few of my digital scrapbook goodies to make a card that will be uniquely ours. I love it so much, that if any of my local friends are interested, I would be happy to meet you and yours at one of the many good local choices for family photos some Saturday or Sunday, take a few pictures and edit it for your use in one of the many great options online* where you can drop in a photo and have a set of cards in a week or so. 

November 4: On Sunday, I woke up with some sort of bite on my arm. Steve likes to think that I got the bite while I was out on a trail walk on Saturday. That's possible, but I think it's also possible some spider got me in our bed...which is just too scary for him to think about. 

November 5: For weeks, I have had to wait in my car when I get to the trail for my run because it is too dark to get out when I arrive at 6:30 or so. Not this week!

November 6: I can not tell you how glad I am that the election is over. I won't even try because thinking about it makes my head hurt...

November 7: ...and speaking of which, on Wednesday I had a sick headache. By the time I got to my Disciple III class (which I facilitate), it was hard to focus on Jeremiah's prophesies for the stupid thing. Two ibuprofen once I got home fixed me right up. 

November 8: I wrote about this earlier this week. Pretty cool when you come home from work with a good idea for daily living.

November 9: I met Steve for lunch yesterday at a Mexican restaurant that has these punched tin star lights all over. I adore these. I envision one over my computer desk at home. It would make me smile just like having my PostalPix strung across a bulletin board at work and my Instacanvases on the wall there do. 

*I use Shutterfly for all of my printing, cards and scrapbooks, and highly recommend them. Christmas cards are now 40% off with the code HOLIDAY until November 14. If you spend $30 or more on your order, there is a free shipping code, too (SHIP30). 

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