living water

Rather than putting my lips to the fresh stream of living water
provided for me anew every day,
quenching my thirst,
reviving all the withered and dead parts of my heart that have grown hard,
I go back to a cistern of water,
collected over time,
from the living God still,
but stagnant,
unmoved with only occasional new pieces of understanding or insight added.

It has powerful knowledge in it
--of passion
and sacrifice,
of a call to serve and love--
but it does not have the life-giving, inspiring HEREness
that a stream running fresh each day,
a fountain bathing you anew,
a quenching water filling you from the inside and flowing over with His fruit,
can give.

This is a NOW relationship.
A living, breathing relationship.

a reflection on Jeremiah 2:13

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