Day Eight: Technology

Hipstamatic: Jimmy lens, Kodot XGrizzled film

I was always one to get a new car as soon as the car I was driving was paid off. But, that seemed very irresponsible when the minivan I was driving was paid in full three years ago. So, it was only after the second car was paid for and the minivan was becoming more and more unreliable that we got a new car a few weeks ago.

The biggest change for me has been the improvements in the sound system in the car. I have a relatively long commute and I use either my iPod or my iPhone (Pandora, iHeart Radio or just the iPod on it) during the entire drive. In the van, I had to plug them into a transmitter because the van wasn't equipped with an iPod jack. The sound quality was iffy at best and getting worse as time went on. The new car does have a jack for the iPod which charges it and hooks it up to the sound system so I can choose what I want using the knobs on the stereo instead of dialing the iPod dial. Even better, the iPhone bluetooth connects to the car. This is great not only for music, but also so that I don't miss phone calls anymore. I play my music pretty loud so I was all the time missing calls because I either never heard the phone or I heard it and couldn't get to it before it went to voice mail.

I know none of these things are on the cutting edge of technology, but good grief they are making me happy!

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