Day Nineteen: Where I Slept

Hipstamatic: Helga Viking lens, Ina's 1935 film
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Our bed is one of the first big purchases we made as a married couple and it represents compromises I think we both wish we hadn't made. The bed is a big four poster bed. That's a compromise I made. I wanted a sleigh bed but Steve is too tall for a bed with a footboard like that. I think I could find something more my style to fit his need to not have his feet constrained, though. This is not my style at all. Much too girly. The bed is queen size. That's a compromise he made because I said the room was too small for a king. After having two kids, every Saturday morning when they came piling in with us and every night one had a nightmare and wanted to sleep with us, I wished that I had just gone ahead and gotten the king.

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