Day Fifteen: My Shoes

Hipstamatic: Lucifer VI lens, Claunch 72 Monochrome film
SwankoLab: Noir Fixer, Grizzle Fix, and Vinny's BL04

My dance shoes live in my car so that I can't ever get to dance class without them. Underneath them are my worn out black ballet flats that I change into when I go to the botanical gardens in the middle of a work day.

I am proud to say that I made it halfway through this challenge before it became obvious that I haven't read the entire list of photos yet. I probably wouldn't have posted a picture of my shoes on Day Two for "What I Wore" if I had seen "My Shoes" here on Day Fifteen. I haven't read the list because I want to think this through one day at a time. I have a tendency to think too far ahead so not reading the list is the only way I can do this the way I want to.

I want it on the record, however, that I have only read ahead once in a book. I had to know if Harry Potter lived, so I peeked at the end of the last book before I even read the first page. Steve caught me and hasn't let me live it down yet.


I, Mollie said...

How was the Harry Potter movie?????????

Michele said...

i can't believe you read ahead in harry potter!! i haven't read ahead on photos either or i wouldn't have already posted a flowers pic. i'm completely with you on the one day at a time thing :)