Day Six: Childhood Memory

Hipstamatic: Buckhorst H1 lens, Ina's 1969 film
Instagram: 1977 filter

This gray poodle was my favorite stuffed animal growing up...evidenced by the fact that I still have him. He has these really fluffy ears that I would brush until the individual strands separated and became more airy and soft. I would stick my nose into one of the ears and dose off at night, smelling the inside part of the ear which was leathery and had a smell I loved. All of the attention I gave to those ears made it necessary for them to be sewn back on several times by my mother and eventually by me when I was old enough to use the needle and thread. Worn by love and patched with love.

*Please don't miss what gave me great joy-picking a film and a filter that had years in them that were years of my childhood. I'm a real nerd like that.

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