Day Seven: Something New

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The 2011-2012 school year got off to a horrible start last Thursday because the above pictured 10 year old had "nothing to wear". Please note that in the above picture she is in a dressing room happy as can be with one of several new outfits I bought her on the hot Saturday before school started. (I put in there "hot" because the only thing I hate more than shopping is shopping in the heat of summer.) I was angry because she didn't find any of the new things she had gotten good enough and felt sure she had let me buy her things she never intended to wear (been there, done that...many times before). But, at the same time, I felt like I failed her by not making sure she had the perfect new outfit for the first day of fifth grade. I remember how important it was to be dressed just right the first day of school. I remember it very well. So, there were a lot of tears that morning...including some of mine.

Now, the 12 year old boy? We just pulled a pair of shorts and a shirt out of the closet, handed it to him and that was that. When I told a friend last week in response to the news that she was having a girl, "Girls rule and boys drool (but aren't nearly as difficult to dress)," it was this kind of experience that made me say it.

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Michele said...

That saying will always be true because I remember crying about clothes at that age, too :) I'm a huge advocate of school uniforms for that reason, it made my life so much easier!