Day Eighteen: In My Bag

Camera+: Cross Process and HDR filters

The purse that I carry during the work week isn't very big, which keeps me from carrying as much in it as I otherwise would. On the weekends, I usually switch to a bigger purse so I can throw a small camera in with all the other stuff that I don't feel like I have to have during the week. (Reminds me of the George Carlin routine "A Place for My Stuff".)

Here you see: a compact I don't know why I carry because the puff in it is trashed (which I also don't understand because I hardly ever used it), my green credit card thingy that holds those cards I have to have (I have many more in another wallet somewhere around here), a loose check book and check register, undeposited checks (I loathe going to the bank...although the new ATM's that just scan your checks without needing a deposit slip rock), my 30 day photo challenge list, my sunglasses (which become my headband five seconds after I leave work...I need a haircut), a lipstick and a lip gloss (which brings this song to mind), my keys (with a Twilight key chain...don't judge), Steve's car key and my ID badge for work. Oh, and there's my Blackberry that I only have for work e-mail and which I hate (precisely because it's for work e-mail). My iPhone would be there but it's my camera for this project.

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I, Mollie said...

...my lip gloss is poppin...my lip gloss be cool...